William FRASER

Family name(s) FRASER
Given name(s) William
Alternate name(s)
Sex Male
Occupation Labourer
Age when departed England unknown
Trial date 00 January 1787
Trial place Manchester, Lancashire
Crimes Stealing material
Value of crimes Unknown
Original sentence Transportation
Transported for 7 years
Ship Charlotte
Date left colony
Date of Death 13 June 1791


Partner in the original crime was his wife Ellen Fraser.Noted for his surly temper and heavy drinking.On 5 January 1789 he received 100 lashes for insolence, and on 23 June was sentenced to work in irons for a month for drunken insolence.An excellent workman who “was supposed to have brought on an untimely end by hard drinking, as he seldom chose to accept any article but spirits in payment for work done in his extra hours” wrote Captain Collins.