Family name(s) GORDON
Given name(s) Daniel, Janel
Alternate name(s)
Sex Male
Occupation No trade recorded
Age when departed England 47
Trial date 5 April 1785
Trial place Winchester, Hampshire
Crimes Stealing clothing
Value of crimes 7 shillings
Original sentence Transportation
Transported for 7 years
Ship Alexander
Date left colony
Date of Death 13 October 1818


Described as “a black”.On 12 September 1788, saved Lydia Munro from being raped by a soldier. On 29 February 1789, received a sentence of death, but reprieved, for theft of wine. On 19 August 1789, tried for theft of food, but found to be “not in a state of Mind to be put on his Trial”, however many prisoners “gave him credit for the ability with which he had acted his part”.