Family name(s) JEPP, JEFF, GEPP
Given name(s) John
Alternate name(s) Gepp
Sex Male
Occupation Master butcher
Age when departed England 27
Trial date 8 December 1784
Trial place Old Bailey, London
Crimes Robbery
Value of crimes 2 shillings
Original sentence Transportation
Transported for 7 years
Ship Alexander
Date left colony January 1793
Date of Death


On 14 January 1792 ordered 800 lashes, for stealing flour from the store where he had been working. They were to be administered on consecutive Saturdays, 25 lashes at a time.He received 150, and then had to work in double irons. he received another 400 lashes in May 1792, for stirring up trouble. Described as very insolent and troublesome.