Family name(s) LANGLEY
Given name(s) Jane
Alternate name(s)
Sex Female
Occupation No trade recorded
Age when departed England 22
Trial date 14 September 1785
Trial place Old Bailey, London
Crimes Stealing cash
Value of crimes 114 shillings
Original sentence Transportation
Transported for 7 years
Ship Lady Penrhyn
Date left colony
Date of Death 18 February 1836


Partner in the original crime was Mary Finn.Their victim accompanied them to Mary’s home, when he “felt a woman’s hand take money from his pocket”.She was described as a tall with very curly hair, “quite a black complexioned woman, and her hair grows over her forehead all rough.”Gave birth to child on 23 September 1787 (d 14 August 1821) whose father was a seaman.