Joseph TUSO

Family name(s) TUSO, TUZO, TOOZO
Given name(s) Joseph
Alternate name(s) Toozo
Sex Male
Occupation No trade recorded
Age when departed England 17
Trial date 7 July 1784
Trial place Old Bailey, London
Crimes Assault and highway robbery
Value of crimes 81 shillings
Original sentence Death
Transported for Life
Ship Scarborough
Date left colony
Date of Death 4 October 1825


Aged 14 at the date of his trial.Family tradition describes him as possibly having been black, but this has not been confirmed.Sentenced to 500 lashes on 11 June 1790 for neglect of duty, and on 3 July 1790 sentenced to 300 lashes for leaving work. On 27 December 1790 he was ordered 100 lashes and to roadwork in irons for running into the bush.On October 27 1791 ordered 100 lashes for disobedience and neglect of duty, and on 18 April 1792 he received 25 lashes for theft of corn.