Charlotte WARE

Family name(s) WARE, WEAR
Given name(s) Charlotte
Alternate name(s)
Sex Female
Occupation None
Age when departed England 25
Trial date 10 December 1783
Trial place Old Bailey, London
Crimes Assault and robbery
Value of crimes 10 shillings
Original sentence Transportation
Transported for 7 years
Ship Friendship
Date left colony
Date of Death 18 February 1839


She had previous convictions for theft. Guilty of return from transport following the Mercury mutiny.Report from Dunkirk hulk was that she was behaving “better than formerly”.On the journey, held in irons for 10 days for breaking through the bulkhead to reach the seamen.On 9 February 1789 ordered 30 lashes for beating another woman, and received 20 more for insolence. Owned property in her own right by 1805.